The picture hanging systems for wall and wire Track & Slide®/Track & Wire® were designed and developed by the painting and sculpture conservator Georg Hayde.&nbsp, and Ernst Frey, engineer. These were the first systems that enabled paintings to be hung, adjusted, secured, transported and stored, without having to remove the units from the frames, thus minimizing handling and possible damage to the original substance.

Established in Germany in 1999, the firm TRACK & SLIDE® began producing Track & Slide® and Track & Wire™ hanging products. Insurance companies took notice of the exceptionally secure fine art hanging systems, and recommended them to their clientele. Since then, Track & Slide® and Track & Wire™ picture hanging units have been used to hang countless masterpieces in museums, galleries and private homes worldwide.

The firm TRACK & SLIDE® engages in ethical, sustainable business practices, producing their products locally for the benefit of their community and the environment.


Georg Hayde studied Art Conservation under the direction of Bruno Heimberg at the Doerner Institute in München, Germany. He worked in the Alte Pinakothek and in Kunsthaus Zürich, before becoming a freelance conservator for numerous private collections and museums in Germany and Switzerland. He developed Track & Slide® and ”Track & Wire™  picture hanging systems, and is the technical advisor for TRACK & SLIDE®. 

Karen Hanrahan received a Master’s of Science degree from Iowa State University, and studied Naturopathy in Germany. She worked in the field of natural health before establishing TRACK & SLIDE®, where she is in charge of customer correspondence, and commerce exchange.  

Further members of our flexible, creative team include:Ursula Breitenfellner, Eva Grünwald, Martin Hinse, Arnulf Appel,and Harald Schmidt, all wonderful people who contribute their skills when needed.






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